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Choosing The Right Lawn Roller

Choosing The Right Lawn Roller

A lawn roller is designed to flatten and even out grass to lay new sod or grass seeds. If you want a lawn that looks professionally maintained it is important to invest in a quality garden lawn roller that will give you a uniform garden that looks even and attractive. When you are comparing lawn rollers on the market you will come across several different types of applications. The size of the lawn you are tending and how you will be using the tool will steer you in the right direction when you are making your purchase. Understand what types of garden rolling lawn tools are available and make an investment suitable for your needs.

Most rollers are similar in function and appearance. Each roller will have a hollow cylinder responsible for flattening everything in its path. This cylinder can be made from concrete, polyethylene, or steel. The steel lawn roller is the most common type of construction used for smaller personal units. When you are comparing rollers, you will find that cylinders will have different sized diameters depending on the size of the lawn you are tending. Smaller applications will measure 18-inches while larger applications will measure up to 24-inches. The larger the diameter of the cylinder the larger the area covered. Smaller personal lawns may only require a small unit.

Once you have found the right size you will need to determine whether you want a manual roller or a pull model. Pull rollers can be attached to a tractor or a vehicle and are generally needed for larger areas. While manual models are more affordable, they are not sufficient for big areas of grass. Compare pricing and features and choose the right lawn roller for your needs. With several models available, online it has never been easier to find the right roller at the right price.

Whether renting or owning, if you have a large yard or do quite a bit of yard work, you’re surely to find many uses for your roller. They can come in quite handy for things like seeding or overseeding. For overseeding, you can use the roller to pad the grass down and then rake through it with a garden rake to remove all the dead grass. For initial seeding, you’ll want to take care of a few other things before using your roller. For instance removing any large rocks or sticks, making sure your PH has a nice balance or is around 6 to 7.5. After your soil is ready, the roller makes it nice to roll out large dirt clods and smoothing out the surface and ready for seeding.

Source by Rob Akerost