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Dispatches • LifestyleEmail Newsletter for Online StoresTo sell a product, it is no longer enough to create an online store or launch paid advertising and promote the site in search engines. It is necessary to give users more: to build communication with the help of email distribution and content marketing in general. Before buying, consumers […]

Email Newsletter for Online Stores
To sell a product, it is no longer enough to create an online store or launch paid advertising and promote the site in search engines. It is necessary to give users more: to build communication with the help of email distribution and content marketing in general.
Before buying, consumers check information about the company and read reviews. Because the more you will be represented on the Internet and the more points of interaction, the better. Content marketing using email will allow you to win the trust of the target audience, get their recommendations and increase sales.
Some marketers consider email for an online store to be an outdated and ineffective tool, but this is not the case at all. Correctly configured messages and websites with https proxies will inform users about promotions or new products, help establish contact, and retain customers.
Even if you actively maintain pages in social networks, and periodically send push and SMS messages to clients, you should not neglect email correspondence.
Emailing is not just periodic advertising messages aimed at increasing sales. This is an effective tool that will lead a person from the moment of interest, when he just learned about the online store and subscribed to the newsletter, to loyalty. And if necessary, to announce new products and remind about you.
With the help of emails, you will be able to build communication with the buyer at each stage of the sales funnel and better understand his needs.
For an online store, trigger and transactional mailings play a key role, for example:
By telling the customer what stage his order is at, what is happening with it, and where exactly it is, you relieve the person of questions. The buyer does not feel anxious, and trust in the brand grows. Especially if the promises in the letters coincide with your actions.
Such automation provides an opportunity to remind the visitor about the products that interested him and return attention to the page. Maybe the user just got distracted, and you almost lost an opportunity to sell.
The main advice, which applies to all mailings without exception: the method “and it will do” is categorically contraindicated! The letter for the client should be informative and memorable.
If you are the owner of an online store, but still do not do newsletters or do them poorly, this is a reason to reconsider your approach and make email marketing bring you money.
One of the most popular tips that do not lose its relevance. Make your letters more personal and try to create the impression of a face-to-face conversation.
Simply addressing a person by name is not enough. You need to find out who she is and what she is interested in. For this purpose, there is a functionality that collects data on the subscriber’s behaviour on the website and in newsletters in order to offer him a relevant product.
Even if you have something to share with the client, temporarily resist the urge to tell him everything at once. No need to jump from green to square: your job is to convey one idea to the buyer in one email.
Email marketing does not give up positions and can help your online store stand out from the competition. It is important to understand that the main thing is to tell the buyer about your product in an interesting and timely manner in order to leave a positive impression about the company.
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