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The Best Candles on Amazon to Instantly Warm Your Home – Good Housekeeping

We’ve been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Affordable, long-lasting and best-smelling picks to decorate every space. Create a soft glow and fill your home with soothing scents — whether you prefer fresh florals, clean […]

We’ve been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.
Affordable, long-lasting and best-smelling picks to decorate every space.
Create a soft glow and fill your home with soothing scents — whether you prefer fresh florals, clean aromas or rich, earthy notes. When shopping for candles, there are hundreds of brands, aromas and designs to choose from. You may be looking for a scented candle that’s minimal and affordable, a non-toxic option that’s been hand-crafted from a small business, a luxury candle that doubles as home decor — or a versatile pick that hits all of the marks. We’ve rounded up the best candles on Amazon, including options from top brands like Yankee Candle and WoodWick, as well as smaller companies that have earned thousands of five-star reviews.
If you’re like me, you believe every space needs a candle. Set a romantic vibe in the living room, create ambient lighting in the bedroom, remove food odors in the kitchen or give your home office a comfortable, cozy feel. With so many options available on Amazon right now, you’re sure to find something that elevates your home design. Keep scrolling to find a vintage-inspired apothecary jar candle, a floral tin candle and an embossed glass jar design with a lid.
The only downside? Candles can quickly become expensive. That’s why we’ve included cheap finds that don’t sacrifice quality. Scroll these best-selling candles, which start at less than $5. To ensure you find a favorite, we included a combination of paraffin and soy wax candles.

Reviewed over 75,000 times on Amazon, this 22-ounce Yankee Candle is rated highly for how long it lasts (over 110 hours of burn time) and for its strong aroma. If Vanilla Cupcake isn’t your preference, go for another scent like Apple Pumpkin, Chocolate Layer Cake or Cinnamon Stick. It’s made from paraffin wax and has a fiber candle wick.

Reviewers note that this soy wax candle lasts long and has a strong scent, which some describe as “relaxing,” “sweet” and “light and fresh.” The Balance + Harmony fragrance has notes of apple, pear, orange zest and tropical fruits, but there are many other calming blends to choose from. Plus, this brand’s candles feature self-trimming wicks and the soft-colored frosted jar makes the light of the flame visible.

Designed to replicate the soothing sound of a crackling fire, this sleek jar candle has a wood wick and is made from soy and paraffin wax. Plus, the handcrafted wicks produce a large flame that adds to the ambiance and is crafted to burn for 100 hours. Choose from one of the woodsy scents, including Fireside (pictured here), Lavender and Cedar, Mountain Trail Trilogy and Redwood.
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This soy blend candle is formulated to capture 95 percent of pet, smoke and food smells. It’s available in 24 different options, including two packs and a number of different aromas — from clean scents like fresh linen and baby powder to fruity fragrances like mango and apple. Every cotton wick is hand-trimmed for a longer lasting burn (about 80 hours).
With a slow burning redwood wick, this refined soy candle comes beautifully packaged — making it a perfect present. Choose from a few soothing herbal scents, including Lemongrass Basil, Wild Lavender and Lilac and Rose. Reviewers love that this pick smells great, lasts long and that the company is dedicated to shining a light on the darkness of human trafficking.
Reviewers appreciate this classy pick for its strong scent, which many note “fills the whole room.” Choose from three different fragrances, including a three-wick option, as well as a ton of sweet scents like Moroccan Amber, Velvet Pear, Pumpkin Chai and Apricot Tea. Every scent comes in a beautifully decorated glass container, which are all neutral enough to pair with your home style.
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According to reviewers, this slow-burning soy candle fills an entire space with a strong aroma. Choose from a number of romantic scents, including Espresso Bean, Black Amber, Spiced Vanilla and Sandalwood Rose. Depending on the size of your room, go for the 6-, 9- or 11-ounce jar — the smallest sizes come in a clear jar while the larger sizes are available in white or black, depending on the scent and your home aesthetic.
Hand poured by a small business in California, this beautiful soy wax candle is a great gift for anyone — although it’s been thoughtfully designed to exude a masculine feel. Choose from a number of rich, earthy fragrances, whether you love the scent of fresh linen, English leather, wood or white sage.
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With a unique fragrance for every state, this unique soy blend candle collection is crafted to fill your space with nostalgic scents — from the smell of the mountains in Colorado to the ocean tides of Hawaii. Reviewers agree this soy blend candle makes the best gift and is well worth the price with a 60- to 80-hour burn time.
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Not only does this pick have a clean woody scent, the vivid packaging makes wonderful home decor — so much that you’ll want to save the floral tin once you finish burning the wax. Choose from six different scents (including Sunkissed Rose, Cypress and Cedarwood, and Peach and Kiwi), all of which come in a different color container.
With notes of sugared citrus and tropical fruits, this elegant candle comes in four popular colors: white, black, blue and bubblegum (pink). Over 9,000 reviewers gave this soy blend candle a five-star rating, with most complementing its refreshing and sweet scent. The 19-ounce jar has a sleek silhouette and the candle is crafted to burn up to 85 hours.
Choose your favorite fresh aroma from unique scents like Tobacco and Patchouli, Persimmon Chestnut and Verbena and Fig. The best part? You can reuse the glass apothecary jar to store small items or grow a houseplant. Tip: freeze the jar overnight and the wax should pop right out.
With the same clean scents (lavender, basil and honeysuckle, to name a few) that are used in its cleaning products, Mrs. Meyer’s offers these highly-rated soy candles. The 2.9-ounce candle will burn for 12 hours and reviewers note that it had a surprisingly strong aroma.
With a delicate daisy pattern embossed onto a thick, glass jar, this large candle looks much more expensive than it actually is. There are a number of fresh scents (such as Eucalyptus and Sage, Marine Blue and Sea Mint and Spruce) in different color jars, so you can easily find one to match your home style. The wood wick offers up to 90 hours of burn time.
With 145 hours of burn time, this soy candle is rated highly for its calming aroma (with the Sweet Grace scent being the most popular). Choose from 20 scents in total. Just be sure to trim the wick as you burn it. Added bonus: here’s another small business that supports a cause. Every time you shop, 75 cents is donated to help feed orphanages around the world.
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Wicked, poured and labeled by hand, this soy candle comes in 35 variations — with scents including Bergamot Grapefruit, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mint and Genuine Leather. Plus, there’s an option for a white jar if you prefer to keep things neutral. Amazon reviewers note that this soy candle burns evenly, lasts long and is highly fragrant.
Enjoy this adorable gift set, which includes 12 great-smelling soy candles: Vanilla, Gardenia, Bergamot, Peppermint, Rose, Mediterranean Fig, Rosemary, Jasmine, Spring, Strawberry, Lemon and Lavender. Each 2.5-ounce candle has up to a 20-hour burn time, which totals 240 hours for the complete set.
Calling all pet parents! Not only do these soy candles eliminate pet odors, they also come in subtle aromas that are gentle on pet noses to help keep your furry friends happy and calm. A few of the scents include Lavender and Chamomile, Jasmine, Calming Vanilla and Rose.
For less than $6, you’ll receive two odor-eliminating candles from Glade. Reviewers rave about the different scents, plus each candle is made up of two fragrances for a unique experience. The smell is also supposed to linger throughout your home after the candle is blown out.
If you’re more focused on creating the right mood lighting than you are on scent, here’s a safer, mess-free and long-lasting option: flameless candles that look just like the real thing. The 7,000 five-star reviewers agree that these remote-controlled flames are realistic — with one writing, “Best battery candles I have found. I have so many, but these add an extra special flare and look very natural.”